Godkiller 3 development delayed

With the changes in the NTE versions of Godkiller 1 and 2 I have thought of redesigning all the scenarios already created for Godkiller 3 to be able to insert all the content that I would like in a multi-level game with 2 loads or more. 🙂


“In memory of my cousin David, that passed away today at the age of 24 fighting Leukemia” , you have the true strength of a god.   Harbinger 2 – The Void Stardate – 2800.7 On route to Maginellic System You have escaped from the Tantalus System and disabled the Convergence Iniciative, but your ship was […]


Harbinger – Convergence is out ! Stardate – 2800.5 Olympus Star Cluster. The fate of thousands of worlds is in your hands,  as a result of the project Harbinger you must embark on an epic sci-fi adventure to save millions of lives throughout the galaxy An ancient alien race seeks revenge … and only you […]