“In memory of my cousin David, that passed away today at the age of 24 fighting Leukemia” , you have the true strength of a god.


Harbinger 2 – The Void

Stardate – 2800.7
On route to Maginellic System

You have escaped from the Tantalus
System and disabled the Convergence
Iniciative, but your ship was damaged by a gravitational anomaly named
“The Void” , inside … you discover a new threat to the star cluster.

A space pirates group armed with Tau weapons … and only a Harbinger
operative to stop them.

ZX SPECTRUM 128k only

  • You can play each load independently.
  • The ideal order is SIDE_a,SIDE,b and the final stage SIDE_c
  • You can show the intro in a separate TAP.
NOTE : the game has not been tested enough for health issues, 
there will be future versions,but the game is playable to the end
,any bugs will be fixed anytime.


-Download : GAME
- DIVMMC version thanks to  : DivMMC TAP

Credits :
Game : APSIS
Loading Screens : AGOD (Level64)
Music : Augusto Ruiz (Retroworks)
Engine : MK2 by MojonTwins




6 comentarios sobre “HARBINGER 2 – THE VOID

  1. Very nice indeed!

    Only small bug report:
    Sinclair and Kempston joystick controls don’t work in emulators. (tried TAP versions in Spectaculator)


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