Godkiller 3 development

The development of Godkiller 3 is at 75% , very soon the final episode !



Harbinger – Convergence is out !

Stardate – 2800.5
Olympus Star Cluster.

The fate of thousands of worlds is in your hands,  as a result of the project Harbinger you must embark on an epic sci-fi adventure to save millions of lives throughout the galaxy

An ancient alien race seeks revenge … and only you can stop it !

Download : Game + Extras (some fixes updated)

Note : the M key is used for many actions in the game, objects/transporters,etc (read the manual)

Source : very soon.

Game by Apsis (CthonianGodkiller)

Engine : MojonTwins MK2


Godkiller 2 – Exile (128k) Released !

El retorno del Asesino de Dioses, exiliado a una dimensión demoníaca despojado de tus poderes y rodeado de criaturas infernales, debes restaurar tu vínculo con la Fuente Primaria y escapar de este plano infernal … un nuevo capítulo de un historia de venganza, amor y redención…

Descarga :

Descargar Juego + extras

Fuente :  Source

ENGLISH VERSION :  Game + Intro Download (english cover text by Neil Parsons )

Juego : APSIS (Maxi Ruano /Cthonian Godkiller )

Música : Neil Parsons (Ignacio Prini ) web : Web

Engine : Churrera by  Mojon Twins Web


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